Technical Support Forum Guidelines

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Technical Support Forum Guidelines

Postby Pifou » Sat 17 Sep 2005 17:03

Here are the guidelines for the Technical Support forum. They are here to help everyone get the most out of the support we can offer.

# 1: Verify that no one else has had this problem. Use the search feature to find other solutions that may help. It will help reduce extra posts and save you some time.
# 2: Post any error messages you are getting during a crash or other problem.
# 3: Post any hardware information you have (video, sound, OS, ect)
# 4: Give details as to exactly where you have the problem, and if it is consistantly happening in that one spot (and nowhere else). The more details you give the better we can isolate and fix the problem.
# 5: If your problem isn't solved here, you should go directly to the official Microids Technical Support, contact them through the information that is provided in your game manual.
# 6: Don't talk about fight club.

Here is an example post:
When I load the game I get to "XXXXX" whenever I preform this action. It seems to happen every other time. Also, I get the error message "xxxxxx". Can someone please help me?

Here are my system stats:
Windows XP Professional - Service Pack #1.
256 RAM
ASUS nVidia Geforce 2 with 64MB DDR RAM
Creatie Labs Sound Blaster Live Audigy
Sound drivers v.XXXX
DirectX v.XX

** Please follow the instructions. They are here for your benifit.
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Re: Technical Support Forum Guidelines

Postby webby » Thu 29 Apr 2010 14:39

ok Guy

Thanks for your info .
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Re: Technical Support Forum Guidelines

Postby Brianna » Fri 10 Jun 2011 07:11

Thanks for the information
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Re: Technical Support Forum Guidelines

Postby gail » Mon 2 Apr 2018 16:26

Team Microids [developer] Apr 20 @ 1:19pm
[IMPORTANT] Bug Reports and Technical Issues
If you find a bug in the game or have difficulty running the game you can send a ticket directly to this website.
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