Problem Syberia II MAC version

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Problem Syberia II MAC version

Postby gurybush » Wed 12 Apr 2017 18:28


I'm stuck in the Monastery. I have activated the machine to cook the herbs. I put them in the cauldron and cook them green. I have closed the device under the faucet but it does not work. I have looked at many guides and I have not gone through (I think) any detail over. Can it be a bug?

Many thanks!!
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Re: Problem Syberia II MAC version

Postby gail » Wed 12 Apr 2017 20:13

Welcome to the forum, Gurybush. :)
I assume you are making the candle?
This walkthru from Gameboomers might help.

"Go to the machinery at the elevator (left screen) and use the Brambles (put them into the pot)

Click on the mould under the funnel to open it

Click on the Wicks hanging to the left of there (look like screen mesh – you won’t see anything happen but one of them will now be in that mold)

Click on the mould again to close it: click on the handle to the left of that to pump the bellows and fire up the heat

Click on the handle above the mold; click on the mold to open it and take the candle from it

You now have a special Candle. Pick up the Matches before you leave"
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