Just bought both games on PSN. Audio problems.

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Just bought both games on PSN. Audio problems.

Postby Shei30 » Sun 24 Apr 2016 01:51

Hello all.

I just got into Syberia after many years of putting it off.
However, it seems the PS3 version has a few technical issues. If anyone else has the PS3 versions, could you let me know if you are experiencing the same?

First, there are often animation skips when running around.
Second, spoken dialogue sometimes skips, and there are no sounds of footsteps. I've looked up videos of the SP3 version and they also don't have. The PC version has footsteps. Feels very strange running around silently. The only time the sounds kicks in is when you climb some sets of stairs.

Other than that, I absolutely love this game and can't wait to get to the second one.
I'm guessing the original PC versions are the best but PS3 will do for now.
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