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Syberia Game Credits

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Production Credits
Author: Benoît Sokal; Art Director: Benoît Sokal; Production Manager: Stéphane Grefford; Technical Manager: Didier Poulain; Project Manager: Marie-Sol Beaudry; Lead Modeler: Nicolas Cantin; Lead Animator: Frédéric Gagné; Lead Programmer: Rémi Veilleux; Lead Integrator: Marc-Antoine Lussier; France-Canada Coordinator: Catherine Peyrot; Game Designer: Dominic Mercure, Patrik Méthé; Editor: Catherine Peyrot; Set Design: Alex Touikan; Environment: Mathieu Aerni, Steve Beaudoin, Johanne Drolet, Maxime Pelletier, Mélanie Tremblay; Characters: Jean-François Carrier, Yanick Cloutier; Cutscene Animator: Rifaat Dagher, Patrick Gosselin, Jean-René Trudel; In-Game Animation: Luc Lanteigne, Marc Lepage, Richard Néron; Programming: Benjamin Contant, Luc Tremblay; Integration: Stéphane Cyr, Israel Duschene, Vincent Lamarche, David L'Heureux, Éric Martel, Gaëlec Simard; Mo-Cap Director: Susannah Skerl; Mo-Cap Actor: Geneviève Bélisle, Joël Melançon; Quality Assurance Manager: Rémi Hachoud; Audio Production: KBP Paris; Sound Design: KBP Paris; Music: KBP Paris; Recordings: KBP Paris; Localization: KBP Paris; Artistic Direction: Dimitri Bodiansky; Cast: Dimitri Bodiansky; Production: Dimitri Bodiansky; Sound Design: Bruno Guéraçague; Lead Sound Engineer: Bruno Guéraçague; Music: Nick Varley, Dimitri Bodiansky; Production Assistant: Ariane Lacroix; Audio Post Production: Karoll Cafardy, Nick Varley, Christophe Grémiot, Bruno Guéraçague; Localization Team Manager: Véronique Nègre; Localization Team Member: Véronique Nègre, Julia Lenze, Nick Underwood, Giorgio Papetti, Alessandra Neve; International Product Manager: Frédéric Pons; Vice President Marketing: Michel Bams; Consoles Relationship Manager: Cécile Prévost; Packaging and Printed: Eric Royou; Compatibility PlayStation 2 Virtools: Francisco Cabrita, Romain Sididris, Aymeric Bard, Nicolas Gallinoti, Francois Dujardin; Company 1: Microïds North America; Marketing Director: François Picard; Sales Director Canada: Kurt Ramcharan; Public Relations Manager: Cédric Orvoine; Logistic Manager: Mélanie Normandin; Product Manager: Sylvain Awad; Production Director: Samuel Gatté; Technical Director: Philippe Baille; Quality Assurance Manager: Franck Quero; Tester: Greg Touilliez, Matthieu Cloix, Greg Mora
~ Keith Adams, All Game Guide
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