Just Finished Syberia...

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Just Finished Syberia...

Postby EvilEmperorZoRG GR » Thu 12 Jul 2012 23:22

...and what can I say now? First time a videogame gave me tears! Actually nothing else have done this to me, EVER! The ending was sooo emotional really! Can't wait to go to the second adventure of Kate Walker now, and share my experiences with you guys here :)
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Re: Just Finished Syberia...

Postby gail » Fri 27 Jul 2012 05:30

I couldn't agree more and welcome to the forum EvilEmperorZoRG GR. :hello:
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Re: Just Finished Syberia...

Postby denbal87 » Fri 31 Aug 2012 05:01

Really happy you had such experience! I still love the game and am under its charm, but I wish I could re-experience my first impressions and emotions -- it was something!
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