Benoit Sokal Interview

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Benoit Sokal Interview

Postby wisnoskij » Thu 29 Apr 2010 13:42

Just found this old Benoit Sokal interview. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. ... Sokal.shtm

Will Kate Walker’s journey end with the conclusion of Syberia II or can we look forward to another sequel?

One thing is sure, there won’t be a Syberia III.

Kate & Hans, through mystical and enchanting lands, shall find their way to the mythical Syberia, land of the forgotten mammoths. Will they succeed? Let’s discover together…

But it doesn’t mean Kate Walker’s adventures are over…
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Re: Benoit Sokal Interview

Postby Volarberg » Mon 3 May 2010 08:35

Very interesting!
Thanks for posting.
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Re: Benoit Sokal Interview

Postby gail » Mon 3 May 2010 21:25

Thanks 8)
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Re: Benoit Sokal Interview

Postby soulcypher » Fri 5 Aug 2016 18:47

I found here another interview. Google translator is very crude one but you can understand mostly.
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Benoit Sokal Interview

Postby Bentjudges » Thu 12 Oct 2017 15:59


The English translation of the interview by sshen1127 after minor editing has been added above.
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