No Xbox 360 ???

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No Xbox 360 ???

Postby cousinitt » Tue 21 Apr 2009 09:07

I saw nothing in the announcements about a version for the Xbox 360 :(. Aren't there any plans to relese Syberia 3 on the Xbox 360?
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Re: No Xbox 360 ???

Postby acrossthenorthernsea » Thu 7 May 2009 22:17

It might not hit the PS3 either.

I still think that the wii would be the best bet -
this type of games doesnt need heavy graphics and the fact
that you can actually point and click would help alot.
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Re: No Xbox 360 ???

Postby NiniendoLeibowitz » Fri 8 May 2009 12:21

Correct. No Xbox 360 port, No Wii port, AAAAND they are begging for a PS3 release.

And seeing the front page message "thanking the overwhelming support they received for a PS3 port somehow really irks me." To me, it's just bad business sense.

Anyway, a PC version should suffice for the most part and it's understandable that they want to spread their wings into different platforms... but only targetting one other platform is weird, also considering such a niche market...
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Re: No Xbox 360 ???

Postby eastx » Mon 7 Dec 2009 06:15

I'd buy it if it hit the Xbox 360.
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No Xbox 360

Postby LoraL » Tue 13 Mar 2012 05:23

I really dont know what to get.

Have always gone for Playstations so I do have the games. All games are forward compatible arent they? When I got my PS2 after having a playstation I could play my games on the new console but couldnt save them. Which was dumb.

Do you think its worth upgrading to PS3 or should I try the Xbox360 for a change?
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