Syberia II running problemsolved!

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Syberia II running problemsolved!

Postby INCubsFan » Sat 3 Jan 2009 22:03

I have the Collectors Edition with both games on it. I was able to play Syberia I just fine on my XP computer. When the first one ended it asked if I wanted to start the second. I selected "yes," but the screen went black and nothing happened. Had to dump the whole thing to get out of it. Tried restarting from my desktop icon. This time I selected Syberia II and it started...that is, I got the Microids screen and then the Syberia II title screen, but then the screen went black again. Tried restarting my computer, tried a different DVD drive...same result.

My husband finally went directly to the DVD instead of to the installed files. He got the game to run, but after the opening screen in English the game switched to German. After looking around some more, I finally figured it out.

This is how I got there: With the DVD in your drive, go to "My Computer" and find the drive the DVD is in. Instead of starting the DVD by double-clicking, right click and select OPEN. There are three files named "AL," "AN," and "ES." The first will get you to the German games, the second contains the games in English, and the third is Spanish. Double-click to open the file for the language you want. In that file you will find a file named "Syberia2." Open that file and now find an executable icon named "Syberia2." Double-click that icon to start the game. A long way around, but it was worth it to get the game going. (If it works for you, create a desktop shortcut from that last icon so you don't have to go through all that again.) So far, no hangups or freezes, about a half hour into the game.

Hope this helps somebody! Happy playing!
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Re: Syberia II running problemsolved!

Postby gail » Sun 4 Jan 2009 18:58

Thanks for taking the time to help out others here and welcome to the Syberia forum too. :hello:
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Re: Syberia II running problemsolved!

Postby Pifou » Mon 5 Jan 2009 19:51

Yes, thanks for the tip INCubsFan and welcome...

pif :wink:
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