Are the patches cumulative?

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Are the patches cumulative?

Postby DataDream » Sat 4 Oct 2008 18:10

So I just picked up Syberia 1 and 2 and am getting ready to play them for the first time. As I am an avid gamer I always download and install any patches available prior to playing the game.

I noticed for Syberia (1) there are 3 patches available. Each patch 1 through 3 is larger in size than the previous patch number.

So I am curious are these 3 seperate patches that all need to be installed? Or...

Is this a cumulative patch - meaning that patch 3 includes everything from patches 1 and 2?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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Re: Are the patches cumulative?

Postby phil1908 » Sat 4 Oct 2008 18:31

they are cumulative because they have been made for diffreent programs :looksi:
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Re: Are the patches cumulative?

Postby doomer » Fri 20 Feb 2009 10:05

No, just download the latest. You do not need to patch each one. Just get the latest. :)
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Re: Are the patches cumulative?

Postby geosouv » Thu 10 Nov 2011 06:40

I also had this question for a long time. Thanks guys for the answer :)
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