Syberia 2 conflict with McAfee?

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Syberia 2 conflict with McAfee?

Postby johnnybnyc » Mon 20 Jun 2011 21:03

I have Syberia 2 and can't run it on my Windows 7 PC. I suspect McAfee Virus Protection is blocking it.

When I try to install, I get a message after only 1% has installed:

The following error occurred on the file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microids\Syberia2\Syberia2.exe'.
The system cannot find the file specified.

Almost simultaneously, McAfee gives me a message that a potential virus has been automatically blocked and quarantined.

I tried turning off McAfee's real-time scanning and installing the game. This time, I was able to completely install, but when I go to run the game, a few seconds of video plays, and then the game crashes. When I go to start the game again, my desktop shortcut says that the file no longer exists.

I'm guessing that McAfee is somehow blocking it, even with real-time scanning turned off. Has anyone had a similar experience or a suggestion for a solution?

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Re: Syberia 2 conflict with McAfee?

Postby Nafaei » Thu 24 Jul 2014 00:25

I have also been having this problem.

I was able to successfully install Syberia 2 without any problems, but when I started a new game it crashed after beginning the first cut-scene. When I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, I couldn't even get past 1% before McAfee began deleting files. I restored the quarantined files and finished installation, but as soon as I tried to run the game, McAfee quarantined these files again. I tried adding Syberia 2 files to the exclusion list under the scanning settings, but this had no effect. When turning off the real-time scanning, I was able to select how long I wanted McAfee to wait before it turned real-time back on. I was able to play by selecting "after I restart my PC", but it will be a pain to have to select this option every time I want to play Syberia 2.

McAfee had no problems with my installation or playing of Syberia, but it was definitely a pain when installing Syberia 2. I have McAfee on a free trial that came with my computer, so I will eventually have to change my protection software and hope that it gives me less problems.
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