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Syberia Xbox1

Postby evilronald » Wed 9 Feb 2011 16:36

Running Syberia NTSC on a modified PAL unleashx/xbmc/xbox with HD component leads you will notice the graphical improvements straight will probably also of noticed the damn thing runs with a black border...not like the normal widescreen bars, but a boarder that goes all the way round. To fix this put your xbox into force NTSC mode in your unleash/xbmc menu and also select 780p, that should sort it.*looks great, even though its not true HD, because very few games were 780p anyway, only 2 i believe, but the normal rgb leads on these new HD tv's are useless, awfull picture. :P *. I have heard this doesnt work on some PAL xboxes though, but worth a try no?
*oddly, the boarder thing doesn't affect Syberia 2, and is problem free irrelevant of wether its a PAL/NTSC version being played on PAL/NTSC xbox*

NTSC owners tip - To force progressive scan and 480p hold both triggers down, and press both analogue sticks down at the same time, this has to be done on the main xbox screen, you will see the screen go off for a second, then come back on. You will now be in progressive scan mode and have the option for 480p in your settings now :mrgreen: ...if only it was that easy for PAL owners. *jealous :twisted: *
Of course none of the above HAS to be done, just getting a set of component leads without doing any of the above really does improve the picture on modern HD TV's a lot, the xbox was designed for CRT tv's after all, and using the standard cables on a new HDTV results in a poorly defined foggy image. Component cable clears that up straight soon as you read Kates notes you will notice the difference, crisper and easier to read...exactly as it should be :) . All your games, not just Syberia will at last look at least half decent on a new modern TV. Tbh i would advise a component cable for any last gen console*PS2/GC* for these new TV's, really worth it. :mrgreen:
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