Komkolzgrad Game Locks, Cannot Get Around It, After Patches

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Komkolzgrad Game Locks, Cannot Get Around It, After Patches

Postby GmSptUserID » Tue 27 Jul 2010 22:26

This past weekend, I figured out how to install the patches to both Syberia I and Syberia II, installed from the DVD Collector's Edition. I posted instructions on this forum to share, since I had not found a detailed explanation on how to patch the DVD edition, except for one comment in a thread on one forum elsewhere that gave me a clue on what to try.

Here is the link to the forum entry on this site:


Things seemed to be going great after that, with a little more tweaking, including running Win98/ME Compatibility under XP SP3.

Occasionally the game would lock up, example after the officer in the watch tower when leaving Barockstadt finally grants the visa and turns to walk back to start out the window, but I could reload, and play through.

Not this time.

In Komkolzgrad, after entering through the shaft below the elevator, and getting the screwdriver from the organ, then removing the plaque by unscrewing the four screws, as soon as Kate starts up the ladder, and the game obviously shifts to play the movie of her reaching the upper part of the ladder, the game freezes, with a system alarm ding.

Nothing gets around this. I have now tried a good dozen times. I had already set sound hardware acceleration off. I even turned all the sound down to zero in the game.

Just now, in desperation, I removed the new 1GB DDR3 GTX465 nVidia card, and dropped an older PCI bus ATI 9250 with just 250 MB of RAM in the machine and installed the drivers. This card has served well when my wife and I want to play certain older games that crash on our newer PCs. It was the only thing that made it possible for her to play Torment, for instance.

Unfortunately, this did not help. Game still locks up.

So at this point, I am stuck, and flat out of options.

The third patch was, from what I have read, supposed to have fixed the lockups in this area of the game. But in this case, this one is still happening.

If anyone has a save right after this point, I could at least get beyond and try to keep going.
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Re: Komkolzgrad Game Locks, Cannot Get Around It, After Patc

Postby gail » Wed 28 Jul 2010 10:57

You can find saved games for Syberia I here.

Special thanks to Cassie for hosting them. 8)
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