Collector's Edition Freezes at Start of Game

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Collector's Edition Freezes at Start of Game

Postby DoctorKaboom » Wed 5 Aug 2009 19:29

I have just installed the Syberia I & II Collector's Edition DVD on my computer and can start the program, but I am completely unable to play the game. The Microids and Syberia videos play, I can use the main menu and watch the opening cutscene, but as soon as I get control and try to click on something, the main game simply freezes. I retain the ability to move the cursor, but it stays stuck as the icon for whatever I clicked on.

I am running XP SP3, keep my drivers and other software updated, and though my laptop is pretty bad by gaming standards, its capabilities still far exceed the recommended specs on the box. I have tried to resolve the error with compatibility modes, patches (which don't work with the DVD), and scouring the Internet for forums relating to this issue, but I haven't been able to find a single thing that helps.

Any suggestions?

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