help me,please (installation)

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help me,please (installation)

Postby Paris » Sat 10 Jan 2009 18:09

i`m new here,and i have some problems with installation game .
so,first i mount image CD1 with daemon tools,when i go in my computer > syberia disk,and open it,
i click setup,when i choose full installation,click next and etc.when the game loads to 53% when it stops,and when appear the table with note insert second disk,and when i mount image CD2 and when appear the table with note `close all running applications which may use your virtual drive.Unable to mount image.Device 0 has outstanding open handles.Off.Repeat.Ignore
if i click off,appears the table with note `please insert disk 2 that contains the file Data/animations/1etudiant/etud_90d.nmo.`
so,i dont get it
once installation worked,but when i try to launch the game,appears the table with the note,`please insert the first Syberia CD-ROM,select OK and restart application`
i`ve done it few times,but when appears the same table with the note.

sorry for my english

HELP ME,if u can

thank u,
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Re: help me,please (installation)

Postby Paris » Sun 11 Jan 2009 10:38

heeeeeelp :<<<<
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Re: help me,please (installation)

Postby doomer » Sun 11 Jan 2009 10:57

Maybe try running from your original discs first? Then try backing up your game? :)

In other words, install the game as it came, and see if it works. After that you can step to backing it up.

Also some games are known to conflict with Daemon Tools. Try uninstalling it first.

I hope that helps. :)
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help meplease installation

Postby LoraL » Fri 2 Mar 2012 01:24

Try the disc on another computer with a different DVD drive. Very early DVD drives might not be able to read the disc.

If the disc works on the other machine, its a compatibility issue with your drive. If the disc doesnt work, its probably the disc.

You can install the game on another machine and then copy it over on a flash drive. You dont need the disc after installation.

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