syberia 1 installs but will not run

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syberia 1 installs but will not run

Postby eregener » Tue 7 Oct 2008 17:19

I am running a PC clone with 2GB RAM, NVidia GEForce 7900 GT, WinXP Pro SP3 and Kaspersky antivirus software -- also an ASUS laptop with 2.5GB RAM, NVidia GEForce 8400M, WinXP Pro SP3 and Kaspersky antivirus. This problem appears identically on both machines.

I did a full install of Syberia 1, which ran successfully, then tried to start the game. The brown splash screen appears, then the program quits with no message at all.

I tried installing in Win95 compatibility mode and turning off all resident spyware checking and antivirus checking, with the same result. Don't know what else to try.

Hope you can help, because this seems like just my type of game. Thank you very much.

Eric Regener
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Re: syberia 1 installs but will not run

Postby Pifou » Wed 8 Oct 2008 20:00

Hi Eric,

I think your equipment is very new, so i propose :
1) install Syberia 1 patch 3

2) put your graphic card "equipment acceleration" to "none"
- right clic on your desktop > properties > parameters
- advanced > repairing?
- move the cursor to the left, from "full" to "none" then OK OK
- start the game
(don't forget to put it back to full when finishing the game... :wink: )

3) install Syberia 1 on an older computer...
(i know it's not very suitable solution but...)

See you
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