Syberia 2 app Mechanical Horses Glitch

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Syberia 2 app Mechanical Horses Glitch

Postby Siren Drake » Sat 30 Jul 2016 20:34

I don't need any help. I was able to finish the game. But I found this glitch in the iStore app for Syberia 2 and had no other place to report it. With luck, a Microids employee will see this post.

When I got to the mechanical horses, I put the heart in place and then started moving the four arms before clicking on the spindle. After that, the spindle wouldn't move, and I was unable to get the mechanical horses working, which meant that I could not progress any further in the game. I had to restart the entire game in order to complete the mechanical hearts puzzle.

The game also tended to hang and crash periodically, which is kind of annoying when I'm reliant on checkpoint saves to retain progress.
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