I want a Syberia III!!! ---- Who does not want?

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Re: I want a Syberia III!!! ---- Who does not want?

Postby Balts » Sat 9 Jan 2010 23:45

I want the sequel. They could name it differently, but there must be a game, where she returns back to the civilizations. The idea itself, that she's been left by the destiny on an uncharted island is fearsome. No, she has to return. She did it for Hans' sake, but now it's over. The ship can also sail back to Siberia, so it was said. All she has to do is turn it around. Kate has to come home!

There could still be hell of a story made out of her returning trip.

All games are made for money, it's their job. Besides, look at Lucas - now that's a money grabber.
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Re: I want a Syberia III!!! ---- Who does not want?

Postby Jemshope » Mon 16 Jan 2012 10:17

I was quite new for such games...and i has become a DREAM to play that story. A wonderfull world, where we may find our own dreams. Hans is part of each person.
So when we play Syberia, it is not just a game. it is a well done game that make us enjoy to get the new 'cynematic videos' and final scene.
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Re: I want a Syberia III!!! ---- Who does not want?

Postby silentscream » Fri 27 Jan 2012 12:19

Hi all, :hello:

When I first saw the opening funeral procession with the Automatons marching, I was mesmerized. The further I got into the game, the more I became immersed in the story line. It was excellent. Syberia II was another incredible journey. Each station more surreal than the last. From universities, opera singers, spacecraft, airships to a relationship close to home, it too was awesome. I thought the ending was..........well, the end? It had a very satisfactory feel to it?

Yes, of course I wanted Syberia III but, the more I think about it, the more I would prefer another Kate Walker adventure, or another Benoit Sokal fantasy adventure.

Anyhoo, the graphics and story lines In Syberia I & II were the best I've seen and played. Benoit has this gift of drawing tremendous detail in everyday scenes and making them so atmospheric. Even walking around 'Sinking Island' with all the rain made you feel........."wet!" It was almost tangible.

So, anything Mr.Sokal does is fine by me - as long as the story line matches the graphics.
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