Syberia 3 help ps4

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Syberia 3 help ps4

Postby wayneout » Fri 16 Jun 2017 00:01

I have made it to the subway and need to scare off the bats. I made the torch and went into
the tunnel to scare off the bats and got the cut scene. After the cut scene, the torch is still
lit. I cannot access inventory and have to run around with the torch in my hand. Of course, Oscar
will only tell me to get rid of torch. From watching videos, the torch is suppose to go out. Am I
missing something? I checked the update page on the ps4 and it says that the game is up to date.
Any ideas if this is a bug or how to get rid of the torch?
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Re: Syberia 3 help ps4

Postby Big_dog_501 » Wed 5 Jul 2017 17:59

I am having the same problem. When this happens I can't open the Inventory and the Options button does not work.
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