Bug Reports and Patch Notes

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Bug Reports and Patch Notes

Postby gail » Wed 3 May 2017 21:36

Team Microids [developer] Apr 20 @ 1:19pm
[IMPORTANT] Bug Reports and Technical Issues
If you find a bug in the game or have difficulty running the game you can send a ticket directly to this website. http://support.syberia3.com/en/support/home

Please if you can provide a dxdiag/details of your configuration along with a description of the problem you are having.


[27/04/2017] Patch Note:

Corrected crash when the game launched
Improved performance
- On some machines only, the game was a bit jerky throughout. We corrected this problem.
- For players who are still having issues with the smoothness, please contact our support team. http://support.syberia3.com/
Added C++ Redistributable 2010 & 2012 installation
Improved how achievements are unlocked
- O spirits, are you there?
- The scriptwriter's nightmare
Improved voice/sub-title synchronization during certain cut-scenes (all languages)
Corrected a problem with the hospital lobby camera, which occasionally locked
Added a phrase by Kurk during the attack by the monster on the Krystal.
Corrected various display bugs on the Krystal (clipping, etc.)
Corrected various bugs in the theme park. Sometimes the stairs were a bit of a problem
Improved and corrected atmosphere and lighting
Corrected a bug where the music stopped when you went back to the main menu
Improved and corrected text in Polish, Korean, and Czech
Extended game compatibility with PC controllers (dual sticks)


We are currently working hard to deliver a patch as soon as possible that will help you to improve your game experience. Here is the list of the known issues we are working on.

Controls: we are improving control on keyboard/mouse and compatibility with most gamepad controllers.
Russian and Chinese Fonts are too small
Voice over and sound issues:
Save game issue: some of you have issue loading previous save. Currently the only known tip is to start a new game and load the previous save.
Material compatibility.
Mac optimization

Note: The above information was posted at the Steam website.
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Re: Bug Reports and Patch Notes

Postby gail » Mon 4 Sep 2017 14:14

Patch note important update 2.0 (multi languages)
https://support.syberia3.com/en/support ... languages-
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