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Achievements Trophies Feedback

Postby LeroyGreen » Sat 6 Dec 2014 21:04

I know some people don't care about achievements and trophies, and this post is not for them.

To developers/porters for Xbox360 Syberia (and subsequent). Was really looking forward to downloading and playing this again, but there is a large community who does so for the achievements and the achievements shown for this game are really a turn off... and already getting negative feedback on the achievement site forums.

It really doesn't make sense to put high difficulty or timed achievements in a fun adventure game. Telltale has figured this out, and they are winning on all sides with all players. Single player games with "reveal" endings are NOT repayable. Achievements that require a replay, especially one that requires a completion in 6 hours, and therefore might need to be replayed multiple times, is a turn off to achievement/trophy seekers.

There will be no bragging about a difficult achievement for an adventure game like this, there is nothing competitive to it to begin with. This is a perfect game to setup as a 100% for just getting through it, or perhaps a few achievements that are puzzle related, discovering hidden places and/or talking to people. However, you don't have to find a place for every type of achievement in your games... guard against the need to fill every hole. Let your games stand out by keeping them simple and relevant. Please keep future achievements simple, straightforward, and achievable by all ages and people.

I hope that you take a moment to look at how Telltale has approached achievements for games like the Lego series, and their Episodic games. If you can follow that trend, you will encourage and access a huge audience of achievement seekers and completionists that the Syberia release has already started to turn off.

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