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Postby LAz » Tue 8 Aug 2006 03:21

This is a topic for pirates.


So to start of, my name in this topic is LAz-ARG

And second, here's some pirate rock... http://www.celtiaproductions.co.uk/batt ... /media.php
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Postby gail » Tue 8 Aug 2006 11:29

Dead-eye here. Beware of my mighty sword. :twisted:

The celtic/metal music genre mix was very interesting to hear at the link you posted LAz-ARG . Thanks
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Postby V.N. » Tue 8 Aug 2006 16:13

Ah.. When it comes to pirate stuff, there's nothing that beats the 9-year-old-kid's game named Claw

The music sounded interesting (how many r's should there be?)
and the page looked very familiar to me.
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