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Postby Spike » Wed 18 Jan 2006 21:47

Kate stood on the edge of the platform and waved to hans as he rode off on the mammoths(though she thought that was a strange way to ride, being held upside down by your ankle by the trunk of a mammoth). A small tear trickled down her face and instantly froze to her cheek. She stared as the herd vanished into the mist. Then she turned round and walked back to the ark, only stopping to pick up youki, who was still lieing face down in the wheel. Once back onboard the ark a thought suddenly came to her.
'How am I going to get the heck out of here.'
Then it struck here.
"TOOT-TOOT," she called out. And the ark started moving backwards out of the harbour and turned itself round and set off back the way it came.
'Well,' Kate thought.' It's amazing what those two words can actually mean and do.'
Kate went down into the hull of the ship and went to bed. She had only been asleep for what seemed to her to be about five minutes when she was awakened by a sound. A sound that sounded oh so familiar. Over the top of this sound could be heard a voice. A voice saying.
'Well, it was ok to listen to once we got it mended. But it's been six months since that women fixed it and it is begining to seriously get on my nerves..............'
Kate suddenly sat up on the bed....'BARROCKSTADT??? I'm back in BARROCKSTADT....How??'


Spike..... :D
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Postby NiniendoLeibowitz » Thu 19 Jan 2006 04:01

Ah yes... I remembered these threads. Hope you keep it up Spike!

My creative hands are frozen right now. (Yeah, try and make fun of that line. Like you always do.)

Good ol' days indeed.
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Re: SYB2-Cont...

Postby V.N. » Thu 19 Jan 2006 17:40

Spike wrote:Kate suddenly sat up on the bed....'BARROCKSTADT??? I'm back in BARROCKSTADT....How??'

Spike..... :D

Do they have beds in Barrockstadt? :?
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