new projet to syberia live again ?

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new projet to syberia live again ?

Postby yanouch » Sun 25 Feb 2007 14:40

hello with all and all,

as much I was very touched by syberia of B sokal.... I will like well that the history continues, because it is always rather painful to stop Net beautiful dream same if the end of this one were to be sufficed for it

same.thus as I take also for artist (not like Mr. sokal very of same) and that I do not think that the creator of the play left one day new a opus (within sight of its projects of the moment it parrait me very occupied Mr. sokal), I put myself in the tete to concretize all that a little so that the dream can continue...

I tested the synthesized image with blender and frankly with moin to be a hundred of the very justified type I do not see how one following syberia on a numerical support could be possible without the assistance of SOKAL!!!! because modeling still passes, but the texturage that becomes pointed, and I do not speak same step about lighting, and to finish: the cérise on the cake, animation with the skinning.... (, I hold also omitted a good senario)

it is for me certain that syberia 3 as a video play, could not be born without supports of professional, or then the quality of the product will patir some.

HOWEVER!!! nothing us enpeche to show some beautiful scene 3d same beautiful images 2d and to present them thereafter at White birds.... also does a data base on syberia that say to you? (after all is in the idea of white birds to decline their works on different support)

my true job it is blacksmith (I can do with little pret anything in scrap), while waiting for your news on a possible joint project I will decorate my greenhouse with tomato way BARROKSTADT!!!!! with soon then?

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Postby gail » Sun 25 Feb 2007 18:17

Image yanouch.
Yes, a Syberia III would need the magic of Benoit Sokal's graphical talent.
I would love to see the story continue too.

You are wise to contact White Bird Productions, since Sokal may not visit this Syberia forum made by fans.
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Postby V.N. » Sun 25 Feb 2007 18:43

Welcome yanouch!

No-one has managed to continue the story in a way I like.
1 year, my grouchy love <3
1 howling year!
And haven't we both enjoyed it?
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Postby Pifou » Mon 26 Feb 2007 19:22

gail wrote: ...since Sokal may not visit this Syberia forum made by fans.

ehehe... who knows ???... maybe one day he will come and say hello... :D

Hi yanouch and welcome in here...
i took the permission to modify your post in order to protect your e-mail address from spammers... ;)

see you
pif ;)
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Postby phil1908 » Tue 27 Feb 2007 09:46

welcome here yanouch :wink:
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