Mammoth figure - turn into Plushie!

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Mammoth figure - turn into Plushie!

Postby Youki » Wed 3 Feb 2010 20:18

I'm crazy with mammoths lately. I'm drawing mammoths every where, looking for news about them and lots of other wierd things connected withe the topic.
So... One day I was sewing a bread plushie, when the idea came - Why not a mammoth? There was a lovely figure on 'Syberia' game. My skills aren't good but I would likte to try.
There is only problem is... I can't find a picture of this figure from the game. I don't have saves --'. If You could help me...

It was called 'Mammoth toy doll' I think.

Something like this, but... bigger?
I'm really, really sorry for my English xx.
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