Just finished Syberia I and II

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Just finished Syberia I and II

Postby Marz » Sat 19 Dec 2009 14:38

First of all, I am pointing out that I had a great time with these two games. They were a lot of fun. They were challenging without being overwhelmingly difficult. The graphics were just fantastic. I always liked seeing the backgrounds, buildings, forests, mountains, structures, animals, etc. with each new scene. There were times in the second game when I laughed out loud playing it. And, I was in a library. (Sorry!)

Secondly, I used to work as a software tester. So, I inevitably find issues with software I am using - even if it is a game. I just see things when I use something on a computer. Can't seem to totally turn that part of me off.

OK - Here is my only problem with these games:
There are no penguins north of the equator except for some small ones in a Galapagos Islands.

Yeah - That really bothered me. Not to the point of anguish, mind you. It just bothered me that these big birds were there. I should add that the short little adventure on that ice floe was really good. I didn't have any problems with that part of the second game - especially when the bad guy got what he deserved! Yeah! I cheered when that happened! LOL. It was just that, there should have been great auks there instead of penguins. I think they were social birds. They are now extinct - hunted to oblivion. It would have been a good part of the story since there are mammoths in it.
Now, I am not sure if great auks lived in the arctic near northeast Russia/Soviet Union. I do know they were in the far northeastern part of North America. It is quite possible that they were in the Syberian part of the world when they did exist. A lot of arctic animals live all around the polar ice cap.
Great auks would have been better in that one part of the second game. That's all I'm saying.

OK - Another minor point in this game is that Kate seemed to be too wimpy.
Geez - She didn't want to pick up that "icky" slimy oar. Oh, come on! This is supposed to be an adventurous woman! I know she was just beginning to realize that she had some inner strength, and that this was the start of her adventures...
She was also afraid of those birds in the train station at the University town. Just kick them out of the way, Kate! LOL

That's my two cents.
All in all, it was a fun time playing this.

Hey! When's the third game coming out? I CAN'T WAIT!!!
And, I want to see those great auks! Kate's still up there in the frozen north, right?
And, how about some woolly rhinos? They were all part of that prehistoric world, right?
Syberia III ! Yes!

Where's my "Kate Walker is my hero" t-shirt?
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Re: Just finished Syberia I and II

Postby Balts » Sun 10 Jan 2010 00:22

You're about penguins. I had totally forgotten about them, and didn't notice that inaccuracy.
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