What are the best laptop types for running Syberia I II III?

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What are the best laptop types for running Syberia I II III?

Postby RunnyEgg » Tue 24 May 2016 04:09

I am just curious if anyone knows the best laptop type without graphics difficulty and errors for running 3D components of Syberia III and the others too?

The current laptop I am using, does not seem to like Syberia, as it will not run after clicking the icon even though 256 8 bit color and 640 X 480 screen resolution and changing your computer to 1280 x 700.. It does some strange flickering in and out of full screen mode before finally pooping and doing nothing.

Any recommendations?

Would a gaming computer be best?

I really want to be able to play the third installment without issues.
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Re: What are the best laptop types for running Syberia I II

Postby Loty Borodine » Sun 5 Jun 2016 01:08

I'm not a great expert, but I'm looking at various pc for the same reason.
I'm considering buying Alienware 13. I think, based on what I read, the quality - price ratio is ok. But I'm not sure regarding the compatibility with Syberia I and II, because I've never tried it.

For the moment I'm using a standard Lenovo B5400, Win7, which has nothing in common with a gaming computer, but it have good graphics, no flickering ... even this pc changing to 1280 x 700 when I run the game, but it hasn't negative impact on the quality.

Link Alienware 13: http://www.alienware.co.uk/landings/laptops.aspx

P.s. when you click on the icon and doesn't start, try to click on it again. It happened to me too, and doing it this way it worked.
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