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Benoit Sokal

Benoît Sokal, was born in Brussels June 28, 1954. In 1978, he began drawing for "À Suivre" magazine. It was at this time that he created the character of Inspector Canardo, a depressed anthropomorphic duck detective with a penchant for cigarettes, alcohol and femmes fatales. Edited by Casterman, the albums of the Inspector Canardo series have been translated into ten languages.

In 1996, he launched the video game project "L'Amerzone", for which he is supported by his publisher, Casterman, and whose game will be published by Microids. Benoît Sokal is one of the first cartoonists to design, implement and supervise the entire production of a video game. "L'Amerzone" has sold over a million copies. Benoît Sokal became artistic director of Microids who published in 2002 his second video game, "Syberia". He was consecrated "Personality of the Year" at the Phenix Awards of videogame 2002, "Syberia" is crowned "Best Adventure Game of the Year" in the United States in 2002. April 2004 was the release of "Syberia II", and it has been as successful as the first episode of the saga and raise the enthusiasm of fans around the world.

Since 2008, he devoted himself again to comics with "Kraa" a new series whose first album was released in 2010. At the end of 2012, Benoît Sokal announces its participation to the future video game "Syberia III" (with the publisher Anuman Interactive and under the label Microids). Upon the Gamescom 2013 video game exhibition, the Syberia saga’s emblematic heroin’s return is getting more concrete today with the writing of the game design and the plot of this third episode being completed.

Benoit Sokal, who is working as Artistic Director on the Syberia saga, adds : “I’m very pleased to be creating another Kate Walker adventure and working with Microïd’s teams on the project. I created the first two episodes of Syberia with Elliot Grassiano, so I’m also really happy to be able to create this new one with him and illustrate the evolution of Microïds as a significant player in the adventure games industry.”

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